Hot glue for expressive LED diffusion

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Hot glue for expressive LED diffusion

Hot glue guns & LEDs – two great tastes tools that go great together –

What would I do without LEDs and hot glue? They are integral components to nine tenths of my projects. Well, while I was working on my first instructable I noticed that the LEDs I’d hot glued onto the wires kind of made the translucent glue glow a bit. I thought to myself, “What would happen if I put the glue on the focus end?” And so, this instructable was born.

Good idea – it’s always awesome to discover new uses for common items. Find a a good deal on bulk glue-sticks and you’ve got an illuminated art installation. – Hot Glue LED Diffusion

Ping Pong Led-Thumb
Ping pong ball LED diffuser

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