HOW TO – Make caffeinated chocolate

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HOW TO – Make caffeinated chocolate

JoltcWe do cover a lot of food how to’s here, but this one is one I’ll actually make – “Ever had a big lunch and then fall into a food coma when you go back to work/class? Here’s a nice ‘pick me up’ treat that’s simple to make and delicious as well! Here are the stuff you need: Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips (or block), Coffee beans (maybe canned), wax paper, butter knife (or sm. offset spatula).” Link.

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  1. Unomi says:

    While chocolate is very teasing and pleasing, a food coma can best be countered with a hand full of nuts. Best without the salt.

    Food coma comes most times when you eat less carbonated food. Food digests in different speed dependin on what kind of carbonates you ate.

    Chocolate is most of the time sweetened with fructose (fruit sugar) from grapes (also called dextrose). This sugar burns very fast and won’t make your food coma go away for a long period. Even tough it will lengthen the feeling of not being fit.

    Use the blackest chocolate made from only 3 to 4 ingredients (best without milk), and made with raw sugar. They are available (have them on my desk at the moment). It tastes a bit bitter, but you can get used to it and won’t make you addicted to it.

    Cafeine is an accelerator and will push your blood much quicker. This effect makes your food coma coming back much quicker when you use this kind of cafeinated chocolate more frequently.

    My advice: try to eat heavy brown bread for lunch. After an hour, eat a handful of nuts unsalted. 1,5 To 2 hours later, eat some of this chocolate and after another 2 hours, have some tea or coffee. This will keep you (read: me) concentrated all day long.

    – Unomi –

    BTW: people who have a food coma’s to often might suffer from hypoglycemia. This is when your bloodsugar drops to fast after eating some food/snack. Go to a dietist for a good advice to solve this problem/illness.

  2. christopherspecker says:

    Chocolate is most of the time sweetened with fructose (fruit sugar) from grapes (also called dextrose).

    This is incorrect.
    Fructose is known as levulose.
    Dextrose is another name for glucose.

  3. fructose says:

    Check out this introduction article on Fructose:

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