How-To: Make a Robot Halloween Costume

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I know a little girl who has wanted to be a robot for as long as she can remember- a dancing robot, to be precise. The best thing about being a kid is letting your imagination run wild. The best thing about being a grown-up is being able to make a child’s dreams come to life. Introducing the BoogieBot 5000, the best robot Halloween costume ever.
Make_Krylon_Button_v3.gifAfter deciding to build my base from two cardboard boxes covered with Krylon Premium Metallics Original Chrome spray paint, I took a walk through the hardware store for inspiration. When you let yourself think from the perspective of a child, everything becomes something- dryer ducting for arms, faucet handles for ears, and cycling reflectors for flashy buttons. The finishing touches were two big blue eyes. I drew them on with a Krylon Short Cuts paint pen, then taped LEDs to watch batteries to make them glow. The shiny chrome paint brightly reflects the light, and really brings the costume to (artificial) life.

See the complete instructions (and print a full PDF) on Make: Projects and for more project ideas, visit Projects in a Can.

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