How-To: Oilcloth Headband

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I love looking for fun projects to use oilcloth with, so I was very excited to try my hand at making my own headband out of some new pieces I got. It didn’t take long at all and is easy for newbie sewers.

First, start off by taking a favorite headband or wrap you already have and measure it. Depending on how wide you want the headband to be, cut out to pieces of fabric. Since I was using oilcloth, I was about to pink the edges without having to worry about hemming. I also used to different patterns.
Next, place the two pieces together. Since I just top-stitched this, make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing out. I stayed close to the edge all the way around.
Once that is done, cut a piece of elastic for headband. Put on the headband you measured earlier and measure the difference around the bottom of your head. Depending on how long tight or loose you want it, decrease the overall length so that the elastic is tight when stretches. You can keep adjusting before you make the final cut – you don’t want that headband going anywhere!
Hand stitch the elastic to both ends. I added a vintage button on each end to cover my stitches.
You’re done! Put your headband on and hit the town.

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