How-To: Sew a Simple Fabric Book Cover

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Books take a lot of abuse. And when they’re school books, they are most often owned by many people over the years. To keep a nice book nice, and to disguise one that’s been defaced, you can sew a simple fabric book cover. Plus, textbook cover designs are usually utilitarian at best, and ugly at worst. With this fabric cover, your books will stay protected from the constant ins and outs of lockers and backpacks.
Make this book cover with any durable fabric you like. Choose one that shows your personality, or that matches your backpack and other school supplies. Be smart in class with DIY style and function!



Book, hardcover or paperback
1/2 yard fabric
Rotary cutter and mat, or scissors

Materials Note: I used a fabric called Heaven, from


Step 1: Measure the book. Determine the width of the cover, then double it, and add the width of the spine. Measure the length. Those dimensions are the size of the book, and to that, add a 1/2″ seam allowance.
Next, measure for the inner panels that form the pockets that hold the cover on the book. To calculate the width of one inner panel, subtract 1″ from the width of the cover. The length of the panel is the same length as the book. Also add a 1/2″ seam allowance to the dimensions.
Step 2: Cut out the pattern pieces using the dimensions you just calculated. Cut 2 of the large pieces, and 2 of the smaller pieces.
Step 3: Place the 2 large pieces right sides together, and pin them. Using a straight stitch, sew them together along the edges. Leave a 2″ gap along the bottom edge, and use it to turn the cover right side out. Then sew the gap closed.
Step 4: Pin the panels onto the cover. Place the cover so that the front side is facing you. Pin the panels to the sides, their right side facing the front side of the cover. Sew them along their 3 outer edges.
Step 5: Turn the whole thing right side out and slip the book in. You’re done!

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