Inspiration: Cascade Volcano Elevation Maps

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Mt. Rainier
Mt. Shasta
I’d like to climb a mountain with my dad. He has climbed many of the peaks in the Cascade Range, including Shasta, Hood, and Rainier. I was talking about it with him the other day, and he suggested Mt. McLoughlin, in southern Oregon.
So I was looking around for information about it, and came across these neat elevation maps of the Cascade volcanoes, on the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point website. The sharply contrasting colors indicating the different elevation intervals are really cool looking. I wonder how hard it would be do do a Cascade Range quilt?

Color Block Mountain Painting

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Cascade Volcano Elevation Maps

  1. Rachel Hobson says:

    Oh my goodness – YES! In fact, when I first pulled up the post, I thought that they *were* elevation quilts and got so excited! Yes, please -someone- make one! Beautiful idea, Laura. :)

  2. Jess D. says:

    Not would these look amazing as quilts, but also knit, embroidered, and cross-stitched! I would love to try this in knitting :) I love inspiration posts!!

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