Intro To Industrial Sewing Machines

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Intro To Industrial Sewing Machines

Did you know that you can buy an Industrial Sewing machine for $300-$400 on CraigsList? That’s right, a heavy duty machine that can sew through most heavy duty materials, including leather with ease. You will need to do a few things with the machine before you can use it for your projects however.

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Industrial sewing machines are meant to sew very fast, this is not what you want when you are sewing your prototypes or drapes.In the video I cover the basics of modifying one of these fantastic machines to convert it so anyone can use it. I cover the basic functions of Industrial machines, including the foot pedal, knee lifter, back stitching and thread. I also cover the basic modification you will want to make to one of these beast’s, including brushless DC servo motor upgrades, lighting and foot pedal modifications.

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