iPod cases inside of cassette tape shells, 45s

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iPod cases inside of cassette tape shells, 45s

These iPod cases, made from cassette tape shells and 45 record vinyl, are commercial items, which cost US$45 each, but it’d be a cinch to replicate something similar, if you’d rather roll your own.

45 Nano Cases – [via] Link


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8 thoughts on “iPod cases inside of cassette tape shells, 45s

  1. cheesy says:

    Freakin awesome. I might have to start using my Nano again instead of my iPhone for music…

  2. designerstuffonly says:

    wow, that looks amazin! so different, but not me :P

    ipods are great!! gettin mine covered in crystals from Crystal-Iced Accessories:


    Will be visiting this blog again for more quality information!! xx

  3. ham954 says:

    I like these kinds of things. I have so many of those old cassette tapes I can sell them as iPod cases.

    If you need to replace your iPod battery then check this iPod batteries out.

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