Jennifer Cecere: Giant Doilies & Mandalas

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Jennifer Cecere: Giant Doilies & Mandalas

I randomly stumbled upon New York artist Jennifer Cecere‘s giant Doilies while looking for images of drawn lace (oh internet, how I love you). Needless to say they are arresting and demand investigation. Made from ripstop nylon and acrylic, these delicate behemoths range in size from 4′ to 20′ and connote a range of associable imagery, from giant spiderwebs to dreamcatchers to snowflakes. In one artist’s statement, Cecere says:

I see Doilies hanging between office buildings, off bridges, over construction sites transversing spaces indoors and out, growing from the ground-up, occupying urban spaces, parks, fields, mountains, museums, sports stadiums and anywhere you might not expect to see a giant Doily. 
I was inspired about taking something intimate and handmade and making it into something large and public. Cities need Doilies!

The Mandalas series, similar to the Doilies in form and composition, are created using fabric, watercolor, lace, and acrylic applied through modified pastry tubes.

“Mandalas” began with images recalled from childhood fables and fairy tales.They grew to occupy the space between art and craft, with references to traditional women’s handicrafts, drawing attention to overlooked artisan work. They forge a connection between Western and non-Western art forms.

Having grown up deeply in love with my coloring book of Turkish Designs, I am mesmerized by Cecere’s elaborate, sonorous layering. You can see more images on her Flickr.

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