Knit a Coaster out of Old CDs

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Knit a Coaster out of Old CDs

Don’t throw away your old CDs! Here’s a knitting pattern where you can knit coasters for your old CD disks. It only requires a small amount of worsted weight yarn and is a great solution to finish up yarn scraps from past knitting projects. Try using different colors of yarn for every other row and create a stripy spiral. Link.

4 thoughts on “Knit a Coaster out of Old CDs

  1. lilorfnannie says:

    This would be very easy by crocheting, too. In fact I think it would be easier, because you wouldn’t have to make two sides, & sew them together, you could just decrease & increase as necessary. Although, if you use man-made yarn, the liquid wouldn’t be absorbed so well & just run off, and if you used cotton yarn, it would be absorbed, but then you’d have a soaking wet coaster bottom, defeating the purpose entirely. It’s a cool idea though, and I love Natalie’s posts!!!

  2. tacom8 says:


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