Knit Log Cabin Baby Blanket

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I am loving the bright, bold colors of this knit log cabin baby blanket by The Purl Bee. It looks like a fun way to knit and work on a baby blanket without getting bored of knitting one single huge piece with the same color of yarn. I must make a note of this wonderful Anzula Squishy yarn that’s super soft and washable, a must for anything that touches a baby!

4 thoughts on “Knit Log Cabin Baby Blanket

  1. Linda says:

    This is a project that my lame knitting skills could tackle successfully. I think I need to make friends with a pregnant woman so I have an excuse to make one (or more).

  2. Charyl says:

    my g’daughter requested a doll blanket using her favorite colors…pinks and a red. Didn’t know what I was going to do so just started playing around and came up with my log cabin which I discovered couple weeks later where the latest rage! Will post the picture later as it is on iron boarding being blocked right now.
    They are just too much fun to make – my DH wanted to know if I was designing modern art – LOL!

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