“Know It All No 2 Pencil Set”

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“Know It All No 2 Pencil Set”

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“Know It All No 2 Pencil Set” on Etsy, lovely.

10 thoughts on ““Know It All No 2 Pencil Set”

  1. raleigh divorce lawyer says:

    These are funny and could probably be useful in school.

  2. Bob D says:

    but not accurate. The boiling point of water is dependent on pressure. It’s rare that we’re at exactly 1 ATM, even at sea level, and certainly not at 7300 feet MSL where I live. My pencil should say water boils at 198F / 92C, but only right now. Tomorrow will be different.

    1. oskay says:

      “Know it alls” don’t tend to be correct– they only think they are, right? So it makes sense. Only a “know it all” would give an exact value for Pi in a finite number of digits. :D

  3. voodoo says:

    In fact all of these pencils are inaccurate.

    As has been mentioned the boiling point of water is dependent on pressure. This pencil should really read “H20 boiling point 100C @ 101.325 kPa”

    The suffrage pencil is inaccurate because that date is location-specific yet the pencil does not stipulate that (and I note that the website takes orders from all countries). Perhaps it should read “1920 Women’s Sufferage in Albania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United States”

    “I before E except after C is a hEInous oversimplification” :)

    And lastly “Pi is APPROXIMATELY 3.14159265358979323846”

    If these changes were made then not only would they be more accurate, you’d get a lot more pencil!

  4. japroach says:

    Disgracing Pi was the worst, at least have the compassion to end with an ellipses.

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