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KRINK markers

Wow – Graffiti artist Krink has his own line of markers now, the squeeze marker looks rad! – [via] Link.

30 thoughts on “KRINK markers

  1. BdgBill says:

    Wow, that’s great.

    If I had my way, anyone caught on the street with one of these things would have their thumbs broken on the spot.

    Grafitti is not art, it’s property damage and a sure sign of the decay of a neighborhood.

  2. pt says:

    @BdgBill – luckily for artists who use this for legal purposes you don’t have your way. violent acts for just having one of these? that’s a little extreme.

    i don’t think anyone can say graffiti isn’t art, it’s in museums, it’s part of just about every gallery in the world at this point…

    let me restate that, anyone can say it’s not art but the evidence shows more people do think it’s art in the art world.

  3. Timbo says:

    I recommend the thumb method too. There are a few artists and a lot of stupid kiddies that think it is cool to damage other peoples property. I would just ban the out of house use of these. Just like guns here in Germany. You can’t just carry them around.

  4. pt says:

    @Timbo – there are laws against damaging property already, i don’t see why there needs to be a ban on these specifically or violent acts like thumb breaking — are you guys serious, you’d actually break someone’s bones for just having one of these?

  5. Wes says:

    I think these markers have been around or a couple of years now. This does not make them less awesome. Looks like these are often used for commissioned stuff, which is not property damage.

  6. BdgBill says:

    Yes there are laws against damaging property.

    Unfortunately grafitti criminals are nearly impossible to catch. They are cowards who slink around at night and create their “art” in public restrooms and other areas they cannot be observed.

    The motivation for commiting these crimes are the basest of emotions “Look! I was here! Notice me! Look at what I did!”

    At the least, large permanent markers, spray paint and window etching acid should not be sold to anyone under 21. And yes, If I actually was lucky enough to catch someone damaging my property with this equipment, I would happily break their thumbs :-)

  7. Capitan Obvious says:

    If you outlaw art, only outlaws will have art.

  8. Holly says:

    ooo, can it be? A substitute for the fabulous Eberhard Faber marker? Damn, those were the best!

    I have to admit -even years of art school won’t stop me from saying this – I’m on the thumbbreakers team.
    Here’s why:
    To place art on a building you do not own is the same as painting on a canvas that you do not own. It is stealing. It is the “theft” of space.

    I will not argue if graffitti is “art” or not- the point is moot. What *is* a fact here is that if that art appears on property where the property owner does NOT give consent, then the charge is “criminal destruction of property.” Case closed.

  9. Grobbins says:

    Graffiti is an art. And it commits the worst crime art can commit. It is incredibly boring.

    PS- Basquiat rules.

  10. pt says:

    for all of you who think it’s ok to “break thumbs” for owning a marker, you’re a let down for what our country is all about (assuming you’re in the usa) – thank goodness i live in the usa where this isn’t how things are done. we have laws, jury systems, judges, police and many checks and balances – breaking bones isn’t what we do – we’re evolved and enlightened people.

    i won’t remove your comments, but please do not encourage violence here – thanks.

    just because someone has one of these markers it doesn’t mean it *can only* be used to damage property.

  11. eccramer says:

    Wow, breaking people’s thumbs? Really? I’m a little disappointed; I thought the Make readership was a little more civilized than this. This exact behavior of “if it can harm/break the law it must be banned, or people that possess it should be punished” attitude is exactly why ISP’s like Comcast are blocking or throttling Bittorrent traffic even for legal uses, and things like TV-B-Gone are starting to be banned in some places. These are some issues that I’m sure are pretty important to Makers. So, why is it that someone should be punished for downloading a legal Linux torrent because someone else is pirating poor quality movie using the same technology?

    Punishing people that own say, a marker pen, because it can be used for vandalism (completely ignoring that Graffiti is basically considered art worldwide now) is like banning cars because they can be used to run people over. What if someone came to your door and broke your thumbs because the completely legal vehicle in your garage could be used to harm them? This is the exact same thing that you are advocating. The fact that you also sound a bit like the people that would decry the mention of Gun control because “Guns don’t kill people” doesn’t really help your case.

    Technology is intrinsically disruptive. This is not something that will change, and banning it or harming the people that possess it won’t help.

  12. Michelle says:

    Actually, the artist’s name is KR. He was involved in the Open City show at Eyebeam last year.

  13. iwriteonwalls says:

    There’s one thing that you anti-graffiti people don’t understand…we don’t do it for your eyes to appreciate. Sure, some writers (that’s the name WE have for people who write graffiti) try to make their work as colourful, pretty and readable for the general public’s appreciation, however most of the time we write it for each other. I LIKE seeing metal shutters and doors entirely covered from top to bottom in small scribbled black tags and big silver messy drippy ones. IT LOOKS NICE.

    Don’t get me wrong, i know perfectly well you don’t like seeing our name written on your property, and it’s never personal…trust me. I’m just a selfish, manic-depressive, insecure person and i’m going to do it anyway. So stop whining and get over it. ‘ooo they wrote dirty words all over my garbage can…booohoo’

    and @BdgBill, if i had the chance i’d write all over the inside of your house and you too if you happened to be there. And if you tried to break my thumbs, i’d crack you in the face with my fence cutter for trying to be a hero. YES, that’s the mentality you’re dealing with…give up.

  14. Caleb says:

    Tagging is what it is. It must be terribly boring to be such a slave to your property that you want to break people’s thumbs over a little ink on it. Talk about culture of materialism…

  15. rw says:

    A column about Krink and the artist/creator is the NYT Magazine today.

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