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Lens coffe cup

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Lovely coffee cup made from a lens via Giz. Helps you focus more, hah!

12 thoughts on “Lens coffe cup

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so obviously a composite photo I can’t believe you’re posting this, Mr. Torrone.

  2. Phillip Torrone says:

    it’s posted under “arts” and “remake” – that’s the point, someone could ****MAKE**** this. please do not take every post as a literal atom based product, a lot of the things here are to inspire.

  3. Wilson! says:

    “This is so obviously a composite photo ”

    What tipped you off? Was it the linked page, that said “Photomanipulation” and something about conceptual design?

    So get inspired, go down to the pawn shop, buy a cheap lens, and make, er, Make: it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m very sceptical about this idea. Modern lenses are made using a rather wide range of composite and dotted materials, most of which you probably don’t want to come into contact with your food. At least get a canon technician to tell you what the interior is coated with ;)

  5. The Oracle says:

    I did think this was supposed to be real, though the picture looked off, I read the comments before I thought it looked fake. How can you tell it’s a canon lens though?

    Not only might the lens be toxic, but these 20-50 year old lenses have held their value quite well. I can still use my early 70’s Nikon AI series lenses with a modern DSLR body, and I think the optical quality was better back then (they certainly have a lot more glass at least).

  6. Anonymous says:

    One way of approaching this would to get an old Lens remove as much of the prism structure and possible (fairly easy to do) and super glue the remaining sections together at the widest zoom to ensure you have enough volume space for liquids.

    A plastic thermos handle could be shaved/craved to the contour of the outside Len structure and glued to the side.

    For the container the best approach to take to ensure a liquid seal and avoid any issues of toxic transfer is to create a vacuum mould of the inside. For this, a thin piece of plastic could be placed on top the Len opening and heated to fill the space within. With care a prefect mould of the inside could be taken. Once successful (the depth involved would more than likely require a few tries to get it right maybe even a plaster reverse mould would be needed to work the plastic container easier) the plastic container could be trimmed to fit the lens. Would not glue this into position as it aid cleaning to remove the plastic mould and wash that separately.

    I think I have my next project! Now where is that $3000 200mm L lens that I haven’t used in a while ;-)

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