Awdio Free Live Music

Awdio Free Live Music

In the Toolbox section of MAKE Volume 17, I reviewed one of my favorite new websites, Awdio. In a nutshell, Awdio broadcasts live music from over 100 nightclubs and venues across the globe, for free. Pretty much all you have to do is sign up, pick a venue that’s got an event going on right now, and listen. Electronic music heads, rejoice! There are little blurbs and images that accompany each venue, giving you a window into a club that could be halfway across the world.

A crew of 15 music-lovers comprise this young French startup. We caught up with them for a little Q&A.

Q: How did you conceive of Awdio? What was your motivation?

A: Our primary motivation was (and still is) to make Awdio a live portal. In fact, to make Awdio the live portal for all music lovers! Goals for 2009 are to double the number of venues from 150 to 300 clubs, start connecting temporary venues like festivals, enhance our leadership in broadcasting electronic music, and launch new features.

Q: What is your favorite feature about the service?

A: EPG, the Events page on the website, which allows users to know in one glance what’s going on in all the venues of the network.

Q: What big things do you have in store for 2009?

A: Tracklisting: Basically something users keep asking us for since the website launch! It will be possible for everyone to know the artist’s name and track reference while it’s playing on the website.

Timeshifting: Once again, a basic yet essential feature! By timeshifting, we mean that because of time delay, you can’t always listen to your favorite DJs, as they often play at local time, when you’re asleep, for example. So this feature will allow user to “save” their sets and listen to them later, in a delay of 72 hours.

Mobile broadcasting system: At the moment, if Awdio wants to connect a venue, we have to send an engineer to install the AwdioBox. In the near future, we’ll be able to just send a link to a software download, and the venue manager will be able to broadcast any show himself from his computer!

Q: What types of music are you interested in? Favorite featured venue?

A: Awdio is interested in ANY type of music! Still we wanna focus on broadcasting the crème de la crème in terms of electronic artists, shows, and venues.

How do you pick the venues your feature? What has been the response from venues when they join?

A: Our choice for picking a venue or not is first based on its programmation. We really try to offer Awdio users a choice of singular and quality-focused events. So this search for singularity and quality really drives everything.

So check out Awdio for some hot beats and keep your eyes peeled for MAKE Volume 17, the Lost Knowledge issue, hitting newsstands on March 10th, or delivered fresh in your mailbox if you subscribe.

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