Bending the Kaossilator

Music Technology

GetLoFi posted this demo of a hacked Korg Kaossilator with a variable clock, resulting in some sweet time/pitch stretches –

Sometimes newer devices get overlooked for purposes of circuit bending.  Two main reasons are price and abundant use of SMT components almost too  small to work on. The Kaosillator is one such device. However once the novelty of the factory sounds wears off it is necessary to explore other possibilities and Kaosillator is no exception.

The first modification is an addition of the LTC precision module in order to control the pitch. Wiring is very simple with only Ground, Positive, and the Output connection. Nothing needs to be cut or removed. The Output from the LTC module can be patched directly to the Crystal leg that controls the Kaossilator CPU.

A well placed LTC1799 certainly seems able to spice up the stock sounds on this one. Check out the full how-to for more on circuit bending the Kaossilator.

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