DIY ‘tube’ amp

DIY ‘tube’ amp

Paper Tube Amp
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Smadin made use of an old liquor bottle tube as an amplifier enclosure for the Ruby circuit – BalvenAmp on Flickr

Coconut Amp Crop
Coconut amp

From the pages of MAKE:
Cracker Box Amplifier – MAKE: 09: Fringe, Page 104.

4 thoughts on “DIY ‘tube’ amp

  1. Becky Stern says:

    The Balvenie is good, but it’s not peaty enough for me. Use a Laphroaig or Glenfiddich tube for an “earthier” sound. =]

  2. says:

    That’s about the best pun I’ve heard all month. Well done!

    My next project is likely to be a bit bigger, more like 20W than 0.5, so I fear even Laphroaig couldn’t contain it.

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