Electrical-facial stimulation as music visualizer (!)


(Please do not try this at home … work, at a friends house, visiting relatives, on vacation, or anywhere else for that matter.)

Daito demonstrates a unique strategy for synchronize visuals with music – by contracting facial muscles with electrical stimulation. Wow, his look of anticipation at the videos open seems a fair warning in and of itself!

[via Synthtopia]

Den-Kuri Master Off
Den-kuri Master – electrical MIDI stimulator

5 thoughts on “Electrical-facial stimulation as music visualizer (!)

  1. Jordan314 says:

    No way. This is so weird and so cool at the same time. Thank you, internet.

  2. Arthur Elsenaar says:

    Extensive electro-facial explorations can be found on my site here: http://artifacial.org

    Custom build 22 channel stimulus device enables full control over the facial musculature: leading to algorithmic facial choreography.

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