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Electronic drum @ Maker Faire

Music Technology
Electronic drum @ Maker Faire

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Thomas will be showing off (and playing) the electronic drum @ Maker Faire, he writes…

A guitar string is suspended above four strips of aluminum tape. When struck with a drum stick, the string touches the aluminum tape, closing an electric circuit that triggers an electronic drum. Foam covering the PVC pipe softens the blow and provides a nice bounce.

The switch closure is extremely fast so a pulse stretching circuit (resistor and capacitor) is necessary to lengthen the pulse to trigger a drum machine or computer keyboard.

Carlos is an engineering student at the National Hispanic University (NHU), San Jose, CA and is the teaching assistant for the Electronic Drum class.

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Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset May 3rd and 4th at the San Mateo Fairgrounds, CA ( It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things. Buy tickets now and save, discount ticket sales end on April 25th, 2008.

If you’re in the Bay Area, or plan to attend Maker Faire add “makerfaire” to your Twitter, we’ll be giving away tickets and will have updates before and during Maker Faire!

32 thoughts on “Electronic drum @ Maker Faire

  1. Your Kidding Right? says:

    This is a April 1 joke right? A Che t-shirt? A Marxist looser is what I see.

    We don’t need crap like this on Make:
    Pull content!!

  2. Lee says:

    The vacant stoner look only partially excuses honoring a murdering psychopath like Che.

  3. Phillip Torrone says:

    @Your Kidding Right? – i’m not pulling a post over a t-shirt, people can wear whatever they want. what someone is wearing while playing an electronic device isn’t something we condemn or condone. it’s not an endorsement.

    @Lee – you can debate about che all you want (although that would miss the point of this project and not be very helpful here) but please keep it civil about the makers.

  4. Lee says:

    1. There is no debate about Che.

    2. That is not a civil maker.

  5. Einstein says:

    Hello, I would like to post an intelligent comment to the judging a book by its cover morons. So in this rationality, its not what a man does but what he looks like or wears. So in effect if this same man was credited with saving a childs life from a fire, but he was videotaped wearing this shirt, he must be a communist nutjob marxist and clearly not worthy our appreciation for his actions. Sure its nice being in your little world with everyone categorized for easy dismissal, but in reality actions speak louder than words/shirts/ideas…

    In retrospect, his idea is interesting, I find it useful (for my future projects) the use of aluminum foil and foam to make a springy and instant circuit connection. I too noticed his shirt, regardless my opinions, it had absolutely no bearing on my pleasure of the post, or my intake of information.

  6. Gareth Branwyn says:

    >2. That is not a civil maker.

    Because he wears a T-shirt you don’t like or do you know something about this person we don’t?

  7. George Washinton says:

    I would love to respond but the moderator is not approving anything but Marxist drivel.

  8. George Washinton says:

    So if I wore a shirt that said “Auschwitz never happened” that would be ok?

    Come on, there is some line here and he crossed it. Wearing a shirt that says “Impeach Bush” can be free speech but celebrating a know murder and death squad leader is down right stupid.

    I am all for celebrating people that doing innovative things (Make: Spirit) and they may wear and t-shirt that has a political slant to it, but Thomas is using his spotlight a evil person. It a shame that it will over shadow his drum machine.

  9. nelsonii says:

    Is this the same person who was knitting while drumming during the Austin Maker Faire? Looks like him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Now go and buy a Saddam Hussein or an Osama Bin Ladden t-shit, stupid moron.

  11. Phillip Torrone says:

    @George Washinton – you posted a link, any post with a link goes to moderation until one of us see it — no censoring here or anything like that, the message when you posted said that but you chose to say things that aren’t true. you’ll note that your comment is right under your other comment.

    @George Washinton – “So if I wore a shirt that said “Auschwitz never happened” that would be ok?”

    do a project, wear that shirt, send the photos with the project and you’ll find out.

    @Lee – Che is probably one of the most debated historic figures, what are you talking about. check any film, movie, text, wikipedia anything. i think it’s silly to judge someone based on the shirt they wear, i walked by about 500 of these shirts today on canal street in nyc.

  12. A Nonny Moose says:

    “Now go and buy a Saddam Hussein or an Osama Bin Ladden t-shit, stupid moron.”

    That’s *moran* to you, buddy!

    Here’s a suggestion. Why not pull all posts having to do with politically incorrect t-shirts? I was hoping someone might have some insight about the actual project, but got an eyeful histrionics instead.

  13. Jason says:

    Go Phillip, kicking some butt. Yes, he’s wearing a t-shirt that offends some people, get over it. This is MAKE magazine’s website, the important thing is the projects. I’ll bet you the maker doesn’t even care what is on his t-shirt, he’s just showing us his project!

    @A Nonny Moose – that comment seriously made me laugh. It actually IS “moron,” do a Google search next time :)

    So enough of this, the project is cool! I wish there was more info, though. As a maker, I like seeing new things like this, but I hate not even having a spec sheet or block diagram, or schematic…anything! Did he make this over MIDI? Is it just once big long switch, or are the tin foal ‘frets’ sectionalized into different switches? Very clever idea!

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