Handmade Banjos

Handmade Banjos

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member J.P. Banjos shares some great build pics from his workshop.


Here is the banjo, fit together. The top two are self-explanatory. In the bottom two images, I am gluing the neck onto the dowel stick. To do this, I clamp a straight edge to the plane of the neck. That way, by making sure the straight edge is perfectly lined up with respect to the edge of the rim, I can assure that the neck will not be skewed once it’s attached to the dowel stick permanently.

Beautiful work in these shots – Thanks J.P. Banjos!(love saying that name) – Link

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  1. Mike says:

    My father-in-law has plans for banjos on his website as well as build pictures and plans of other instruments too. http://bluestemstrings.com/

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