Komegatone synth-in-a-suitcase

Komegatone synth-in-a-suitcase

Komegatone Case
Komegatone Panel

No better way to add character to a new synth than by casing it up in an enclosure with its own history –

This is a PAiA fatman synth kit built into an old suitcase that my grandmother used to store her oil paints. The face panel is laser etched/cut from transparent red acrylic.

Of course laser-etching your own front panel helps too.

The Komegatone on Flickr [via]

PAiA – Fatman analog MIDI synth

2 thoughts on “Komegatone synth-in-a-suitcase

  1. The Samurai says:

    ohhh man, you know that synth sounds fatter now just because of its case… gorgeous

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