Mutant Thingamakit grows extra tentacles

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Mutant Thingamakit grows extra tentacles

From the MAKE Flickr pool

JoeLMutantE lives up to his name with this monster sound & light machine born from two Thingamakit boards and a whole lotta wiring –

This is a little MutanT based on the Thingamakit noise-synth. It has trhee diferent led-acles (led tentacles) and a pair of sense-acles (photo-sensor tentacles) that react to the amount of light. It’s a very unpredictable noise-synth, by the way you can control the rate of the LFO, the range, the shape…really very fun!!
I decided to make a little reproduction of me and my audio studio for the front panel, so here it is, plenty of lights that goes on and off, so much cables wiring all the ways buttons and knobs, that’s my audio-studio.

Dig that unusual panel design! More photos of said specimen available in Joel’s photoset.

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