Noise Toy-in-a-box

Noise Toy-in-a-box

Every good instrument deserves an appropriately cool enclosure. After building the Loud Objects Noise Toy kit, I decided to case it up with some added flare.

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A friend brought me back a small Takachi case from his trip to Japan. It seemed the perfect size for housing a Noise Toy board, so I began planning the panel layout. I arranged the buttons in a way that felt most comfortable in my hand, resulting in a pleasingly asymmetrical design.

Noisetoy Colororgan Perf

It’s always fun to add some bells & whistles so I decided to enhance my new toy with a 2-channel version of Ken Stone’s LED driver circuit and wired it up to an RGB LED like so – red LED indicates power, left channel switches the blue LED, and the right drives the green. These LEDs will draw a lot more current from the battery than the chip alone – to accomodate that need, I used two “AA” batteries in place of the kit’s coin cell.

Noisetoy Noisebox Int

After driIling the enclosure I went about installing the panel components. I used a couple large momentary pushbuttons (found here) as replacements for the original tactile switches. The power switch was swapped out for a subtler miniature toggle, and the 1/8″ jack with a panel mount version.

Noisetoy Noisebox

Overall, I’m pleased with the results – the box is fun to play with and feels pretty solid. It was quite easy to case up and I’d definitely consider making a few more.

If you stick with the supplied coin cell, much smaller cases could definitely be used – And of course that would include the ever-popular Altoids tin.

Check back on Monday for details on Noise Toy hacking & programming.



HOW TO – build the Noise Toy

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