Partygoers make beats & bass with Space Rocker kits


There’s a reason why new kits from 4ms, Eric Archer, and Wooster Audio all bear the ‘Andromeda Space Rocker’moniker – they’re all compatible. The aptly named “IR Sync” network allows each device can generate an send out it’s own clock tempo, or follow another’s lead via an onboard infrared sensor. A fleet of Andromeda hardware was assembled for networked jamming experiment, a recent party, Mr. Archer explains –

Dann Green and I created an interactive music installation for the Smirnoff “Be There” party in Austin. Each station has an Autonomous Bassline synth ( and three Andromeda MK analog drum machines ( All together it forms a 12-track analog drum machine and four 8-bit synths, with almost every parameter controlled by light sensors and dozens of people clicking every button, turning every knob, and flipping all the switches they could find! Meanwhile Dann and I took turns trying to balance the constantly changing mix, and doing our best to explain how to use it (over and over and over). Good fun.

Very cool to see kit designers developing a common standard for inter-kit communication – in addition to upping the fun factor for customers, it promotes each other’s products. Should be interesting to see how this idea grows/develops over time.

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