Pi music all night long …

Pi music all night long …


Paul Slocum’s “Pi House Generator” creates an evolving soundtrack of house music which goes on forever(almost) –

The software progressively calculates the sequence of digits in pi, starting at 3.14 and progressing towards infinity. As the program calculates the digits, it feeds the results into an algorithmic music generator containing my structural criteria for house music. The resulting piece of house music is infinitely long and static and never repeats itself.

The number of processor cycles required to calculate pi increase with the number of digits it is calculated to. After months or years of playing the song, any fixed computer hardware will be unable to calculate the digits fast enough for the song to play continuously.

Listen to a sample of the math-dance dream in action here – Paul Slocum is an artist and musician …

Update: It seems Jonah already covered this one – but it’s still just as cool!

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