Psst – whisper synth makes wearable sound

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Psst – whisper synth makes wearable sound


Andrew from San Francisco constructed this sonically stylish piece –

Whisper was conceived as a simple wearable audio device that would be lightweight, comfortable, and provide an engaging and simple interface that was capable of producing interesting noises. I had recently been working on AVR code for sound synthesis for my Whispering Islands installation, and saw this as a good opportunity to try and create an interactive and wearable unit. The synthesis is done using an AVR ATTiny45 chip programmed to run a simple FM routine using a 256-point sine wave table. Carrier frequency is controlled by the brown button-knob, and the FM modulator frequency and amount are controlled by the pressure sensitive fabric pads.

Button knob = a very nice touch – Whisper – wearable synth wristband

Solar Wrist Synth Crop
Wearable solar-square-synth

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