Record a song with Adrian Belew


Musician Adrian Belew (King Crimson, Talking Heads, Zappa, NIN, Bowie, Paul Simon, the list goes on and on) has posted a contest on his site to “finish” one of the songs downloadable from his website:

If Fall gets your creative firepit stoked like it does mine, you’re ready for our SMARTIE songwriting contest. here’s the object:

complete any of the “unfinished” songs we’ve been releasing as downloads**
by adding your own melody, vocal, and/or words.
then send your completed masterpiece to webmaster Rob Murphree.
please send MP3s or CDs.
entries will be based on creativity,
so feel free to add whatever you want.
keep in mind it’s not a shredding contest but a creative assignment.
there will be 3 judges including yours truly.
entries must be sent to Rob by December 31.
the winner will be announced on January 10th.
the winner will be awarded an original Adrian painting worth 6 cents!!
and the winning masterpiece will be a free download for all the other
SMARTIEs to ignore…er, enjoy.

[BTW: SMARTIE stands for: “Singer-songwriter MusicianArtistRecording-type Independent Entities.” Ugh.]

Calling All SMARTIES – Link [Thanks, Patti!]

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