Rewire and customize a Fender Mustang guitar

Rewire and customize a Fender Mustang guitar

This mod shows how to wire together a Fender Mustang guitar with new switches, pickups, pots, input jacks, and capacitor. Check out the modded switches on the front face in the picture above. Although we wish the aesthetic look of this guitarwas better, this maker has documented the entire process down to the last strum.

Wiring a Fender Mustang

4 thoughts on “Rewire and customize a Fender Mustang guitar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do this to an old Fender guitar unless you are sure you will never want to sell it – EVER!!! I modified my ’72 Strat and it lost $2000 in value.

  2. rigid_designator says:

    The instructions in the article are for wiring up a Mustang stock. There are no modifications or customizations. It would be useful to someone building or repairing a stang who wants to wire it the way it came from the factory.

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