rulers + tape +books = Rule Organ

rulers + tape +books = Rule Organ

Rule Organ
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Steven Goodwin shares tips and measurements for making the perfect study hall instrument –

If there’s one piece of science that every kid knows, it’s that twanging a ruler on the edge of the desk makes a noise, and by changing the amount of overhang will change the pitch. Give anyone a new ruler, and the first thing they’ll do is twang it, to see how it sounds. This is an interesting fact of life.
So, to bring an element of fun back to the proceedings, we can combine these facts to build a very simple ‘rule organ’. By taping thirteen rulers to a nearby desk, each with a different amount of overhang, we have a rudimentary musical (?!?!?!?) instrument. So, how much overhang is necessary, and how do we do it?

Head over to his site for the specifics – Rule Organ

The Rule Organ on Flickr

10 thoughts on “rulers + tape +books = Rule Organ

  1. Joel Kirchartz says:

    While skimming this for the basics … I saw him talking about letting the rulers overhang by x ammount of millimeters, and the gap between the edge and the marking.

    The first question I asked myself is: How does he know how far each one is hanging … then I realized He’s using 13 perfectly good rulers.

    c’est la vie … Make = The Best.

  2. Tony Bullard says:

    This is pretty much just evil to post something like this without video or audio. I challenge you to find one person who read this article that didn’t want to hear what it sounds like.

  3. Vincent says:

    that’s weird because i was too lazy to build an instrument for my Science class last year so i did something similar to this

  4. steveburnett says:

    Daxophones are elaborate carved wooden strips cut for different sounds.

    I first found out about daxophones in the audio collection and book _Gravikords, Whirligigs, and Pyrophones_.

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