Sweet sounds of the Drone Lab

Music Technology
Sweet sounds of the Drone Lab


Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics brings us this thick, rich, 15-knobbed synth box known as the Drone Lab –

This is the new Casperelectronics Drone Lab. The Drone Lab is an analog sound module specially designed for making dense, rich drones.
This is a video of three going at once.
For more info including ordering info and schematics (build your own!) go to:
You can also download a higher quality version of the full 12 minute audio recording from this video at the above address.

Each unit has:

  • 4 oscillators. 2 can be pitch modulated by dividers. 2 can be volume modulated by dividers.
  • 1 resonant low pass filter
  • 2 band pass filters
  • 1 fuzz circuit
  • 1 pulse generator LFO
  • -2 adjustable pulse dividers for making rhythmic sequences.

Peter cites the MFOS Weird Sound Generator as inspiration for his design and thoughtfully provided hand-drawn schematics for the making. Aah yes, sweet sweet schematics.

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