The 1-Bit Groove Box

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The 1-Bit Groove Box


I just added Noah Vawter’s 1-Bit Groove Box to my must-build list. The project uses an ATMega32 chip as an easily controlled one-bit synth/sequencer with built-in effects, featuring –

  • Sounds good. Nostalgic algorithms updated.
  • Lightweight.
  • Don’t need to look at it as you play it!
  • Inexpensive. Designed to be built by musicians.
  • Open Source Software, Hardware and Design
  • Ring Modulator, Comb Filter, Two-Pole Filter, Arpeggiator, Vibrato, Tremolo
  • Always running sequencer with jam mode
  • Simple Interface- all buttons have only one function
  • Built-in Power Source and Speaker for Spontaneous Use – no cables needed!

Schematics, code, and FAQ can be found on the project site.

A quick search of the youtubes turned up this demo of the project as built by the486kid