Tin Can Mic

Tin Can Mic


All you need for this is the bit out of a piezo, an 1/8 inch jack and a tin can. You got a simple way to make a mic? Drop a note in the comments! – Link

4 thoughts on “Tin Can Mic

  1. VoiceOfWisdom says:

    Try this:

    Get one of those single-serving creamer containers. Empty it, and then super glue a small magnet on the *inside* against the bottom.

    Then, wrap a wire around the outside a lot. At this point, you have a simple speaker.

    In reverse, however, it will act like a microphone (though it will output a current instead of vary a resistance).

  2. PhantomBantantam says:

    I will have to try that sometime, but first: I’ve always wanted to make styrofoam coffee cups, with the plastic tops resembling sippy cups, into speakers.

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