Using vactrols for circuit bends

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Using vactrols for circuit bends

Here’s a short video on using a light sensor with an electron toy, like a speak-n-spell for circuit bending, as it’s exposed to different types of light it create different distortions – Link.


0 thoughts on “Using vactrols for circuit bends

  1. todbotdotcom says:

    Ah, Forrest Mims would love to see 21st century kids using 555 timer ICs from Radio Shack.

  2. monopole says:

    Mims is still alive and kicking, he was featured in the book “Makers” by make magazine. Cool circuit.

  3. Alice says:

    So I got the RS Optical Theremin working, but for some reason my volume phototransistor burns out or something after a day. It still reacts to the light on the pitch phototransistor, but it is not as loud as it is the first day a built it because of that cell. I built two and this happened both times.

    Any thoughts as to why this may be happening?


  4. IZICK says:

    it’s like showing a picture of a house with a caption that says this is how you build a house……in other words USELESS.


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