Voice of Saturn Modulator kit


The Voice of Saturn line of synth kits welcomes a new family member – the Modulator features …

[…]VCA (voltage controlled amplifier), triangle and square wave generator and AR (Attack / Release) envelope shaper. Together, they can be used to add tremolo or AM (amplitude modulation) effects to audio signals, and also add attack and release ramps to control signals. There are two summing CV inputs, as well as an “Instant On” button that maxes out the control voltage. The triangle output can be adjusted into a quasi square wave with adjustable duty-cycle (% on or off in each cycle). This gives you a chopper effect that can be used to fade out a sound by chopping larger and larger chunks each cycle.

Cool to see to see a module that accepts audio signals added to the mix – New Kit: Voice of Saturn ~Modulator

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