‘Voice-changer’ synth/effects box


Vtolus put a voice changer to work in this standalone device, decked out with circular light show –

my new diy synth based on voice changer chip. This small box can produce thousands variations of bleeps, noises, feedbacks, ring-mod sounds and drons. It can also process external signal – than it works like ring modulator, digitalizer or pitch shifter. It has 2 body contacts, pitch shifting knob, voltage knob and few switchers. In some mode it can be controlled as thermin, just by moving the hand behind. Also it has expression pedal input, audio in and audio out.

I’m assuming the IC used here is a Holtek 8950, used in numerous voice-changer kits – I’ve played with these chips a bit and can personally attest to their ‘fun-ability’. Aah yes, “robot” voice – diy synth