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It was just last summer when I first wrote about the details of my modest craft room on a cart. But I thought that I should throw it up again as part of our craft room theme. I have a wonderful workspace with bright windows and an inspiring view, but it doubles as my dining room and has zero storage. The solution is this versatile rolling craft station.
The cart travels from inside my closet where it lives, to the big windows in the dining room when I’m working, and then back again to the closet for dinner. I have it laden with bins, boxes, and even tools like my sewing machine and iron. The biggest challenge to making a system like this work, is in resisting the urge to bring home more supplies than I consume. There’s just no room to grow a big stash of materials. But that helps keep the clutter minimized, and helps me stay motivated to produce! And I consider both to trademarks of a good craft room.

6 thoughts on “My Craft Cart

  1. sandra says:

    That is a great idea. I think my craft space is probably every crafter’s nightmare. I’m privy to a 6x10ft box quipped with a rickety loft bed from ikea. Books, cds/dvds, papers, findings, wire spools, bottle caps, yarn balls, lotion, eye drops, you name it…everything is in an organized chaos, hanging precariously off a shakey hanging shelf, piled on top of each other on my desk, or creeping up on my last available inch of floor space. The light in this room is less than mediocre. I have one window facing North, overlooking beautiful brick walls and eye-level roofs. Productivity is a term I have yet to get acquainted with.
    However, I’ve gotten used to this room. Sometimes I love it, when I manage to catch the sun at the optimal spot, shedding sliver of light through my window. Most of the times I hate it because the physical clutter brings on the mental clutter. A wheely cart. This just might be the solution to my current real estate problem.
    :) sandra

  2. Conchita says:

    Fantastic scraproom!!!! wow…
    Thank & hugs

  3. Ann M. Gorman says:

    I have to keep everything, I do collage and mixed Media so I could never work like this, I wish I could but I would feel like my work was limited, especially size wise.
    But if I was working textiles only I think this would be for me!
    It just proves space doesnt have to be an issue when you create or craft.

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