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The neighborhood where I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has a really high concentration of crafty people and shops. Previously I profiled Victor Osborne. Today I have a profile of artist Steve Lambert.
In addition to his work as CEO of Anti-Advertising Agency and creator of AddArt, Steve makes some pretty cool drawings. I previously posted about the ones he did with Packard Jennings for Wish You Were Here! Postcards from Our Awesome Future. Steve just posted an Instructable explaining the drawing technique he used for the project that he calls Drawing for Non-Majors. Steve developed the technique at Eyebeam where he is a Senior Fellow.
Steve starts with a photograph and then manipulates it through combining it with other images, tracing, rotating, layering and adjusting it using digital tools like Illustrator. The end result is a combination of “flat, comic book style and ‘how to evacuate the airplane.'” Steve’s background is in photography with a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Davis. He likes that this technique includes photo realism, but that it also allows him to manipulate the image to emphasize specific parts and make the image more engaging for the viewer. His bread and butter tools for drawing are a laser printer, light box, slide projector, slide film, and pigma micron pens.
Steve Lambert
• Drawing for Non-Majors on Instructables – Link.
• See my Steve Lambert Flickr photo set – Link
• Steve Lambert’s Flickr photos – Link.

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