Needle Felted Apple Logo Tote

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Needle Felted Apple Logo Tote


Adam writes, “Here’s a post on my knitting blog of my most recent project, paying homage to Apple Computer back in the glory days of the Apple II and the Lisa. It’s a felted laptop bag for my iBook, and I needle felted on the Apple logo. My plans still include adding a shoulder strap, a button flap and reinforcing the top handles. ” To do something like this yourself, get the right kind of yarn and tools (felting needles and foam pad). You can use any kind of stencil or cookie cutter to create your own needle felted embellishments by placing the yarn within the shape and add constant poking to the yarn with your felting needle to felt the fibers together. Voila! A quick and easy enhancement to any crafty project. Thanks Adam! Link.

8 thoughts on “Needle Felted Apple Logo Tote

  1. ThePod says:

    I love this!!! I sold Apples way back when and actually had a 128k Mac. I still have a coffee mug on it with this logo. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  2. toona1010 says:

    Hi Adam – Your felt Laptop bag is soooo awesome!!! For those who can’t knit, have you ever considered selling these? I know I would buy one in a heart beat, as I’m an old school Apple fan and currently looking for a laptop bag for my new mac….

  3. nataliezee says:

    I think if he sold them he’d be infringing on apple’s copyright. But here’s all you have to do — if you can’t knit, get yourself an already knitted tote bag or sew one from old sweaters. Then get a needle felting kit to learn how to apply this to your bag. it should be fun!

    You can get great kits and materials here:
    Made by Moxie (go to her etsy store for kits) –

    MaryJane’s Attic –
    roving, tools and supplies

    hope this helps!


  4. toona1010 says:

    Hi Natalie – Thanx for your advice- I have a friend who knits and I showed her the bag- she said that she’ll be able to help me do it – first thing I’ll need is some lessons in knitting though – Thanx again!


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