New in the Maker Shed: Creative Kinetics

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New in the Maker Shed: Creative Kinetics

Artist, inventor, and longtime author Rodney Frost is known for wacky and whimsical woodworking books that encourage readers to experiment. With his newest book, Creative Kinetics, Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood, he provides an introduction to the world of kinetic art. Far from a routine woodworking book, Creative Kinetics will inspire even the least craft-minded reader to pick up some scissors and turn a tuna can into a propeller, or use scrap cardboard to make an animated jumping-jack.

2 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: Creative Kinetics

  1. Rick says:

    Received this book for Christmas, where as it has some interesting parts for beginners I feel it lacks the detail necessary to put these ideas into action.

    As an Engineer, (as opposed to an artist), I would disagree with Mt Frost over the importance of drawing out ideas rather than jumping in with tools and materials.

    Modelling and trying out have their place but unless you have a bottomless pit of parts & materials in the end it becomes wasteful of resources whereas a few basic drawings can quickly clarify ideas and approaches leading to more success in the long run.

    I draw far more ideas out than I build but keep them for the future. Inspiration is a fleeting thing and that brilliant idea you had yesterday is all too easily lost if you don’t jot it down some how.

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