No User Serviceable Parts Inside – MAKER Bill of Rights…

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No User Serviceable Parts Inside – MAKER Bill of Rights…

Images-21 No User Serviceable Parts Inside? – a Maker’s bill of rights…Mr. Jalopy has a list of “rights” I think we’d all like to see as Makers when we buy our gadgets, parts and equipment. Screws not glues, replaceable batteries, stuff like that. The days of the Color TV tube tester at the drugstore are gone, but why give up control of what we buy? Link. Post up suggestions in the comments here and/or drop Mr. Jalopy an email.

6 thoughts on “No User Serviceable Parts Inside – MAKER Bill of Rights…

  1. Veratil says:

    I think I would find this more useful if it was a reusable stencil a few feet long… Temporarily stick it up and black out/fill in the segments you want.

  2. Prussian7 says:

    I wonder how well this would work with (black) electrical tape? Also wonder what it would look like with a black light?

  3. DonB says:

    Neat idea.

    For the activists and flyer-posters in the crowd, this tape makes for legible, removable instant graffiti anywhere you want it.

    I recommend they make it in different sizes for various uses. I wonder what other types of white bar patterns you could put on there that people would find useful besides the “LCD” pattern.

  4. metal_falsetto says:

    I second the stencil comment. As is, it’s just kind of…well, dumb. Sacrificing efficiency for the sake of cleverness, methinks…it would take less time, effort, ink and money to just take a piece of duct tape and write on it.

  5. wakest says:

    Someone should really figure out how to print this shit on electrical tape, it even some how stencil it onto electrical tape.

    I wanted to buy a roll, but I couldn’t load any of the stores they sell it, they all give 404s and such.

  6. goodgrief says:

    I’m using Chrome – not sure this is why I can’t see the product/project.

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