Old Navy’s Yarnbombed Holiday Store Displays

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Old Navy’s Yarnbombed Holiday Store Displays


If you’re like me, then the day after Thanksgiving was exclusively devoted to eating up leftovers, but if you chose to join the Black Friday fray, then you may have come across the spectacular knitting displays created by infamous yarnbombers Jill and Lorna Watts at Old Navy’s flagship stores in both San Francisco and New York.



The monumental undertaking of covering a full-sized classic pick-up truck in San Francisco, and a set of bumper cars in New York, with festive knitted fabric was made possible with the use of an electronic Brother knitting machine that the sisters recently acquired. By hooking the knitting machine’s electronics up to a television, they were able to program customized fair isle patterns that they then knitted into shapes that fit perfectly over the truck and bumper cars using their knitting machine!




Even if you don’t need anything from Old Navy this holiday season, if you happen to find yourself in San Francisco or New York, be sure to stop in a ogle these magnificent feats of knit!

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  1. Merry Miller Moon says:

    So cool! Now, I want that machine so I can yarn bomb stores!


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