Open multiple beverages with only one hand

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Open multiple beverages with only one hand


“PlusMinus” was developed as an aid for senior citizens to open multiple beverages with ease. The cap has an indentation that fits into the enlargement on its side and can be used as a makeshift crowbar of sorts to open the cap. The bottle itself has a skinnier middle section and can thus be gripped more easily by people with smaller hands. It’s interesting to see where the future of packaging is going, although don’t expect to see this on store shelves anytime soon.

PlusMinus by Desiree Doell – [via], Link

10 thoughts on “Open multiple beverages with only one hand

  1. gtada says:

    Ah. A screwdriver built-in the bottle caps. What do you do if you only have one bottle? I appreciate the effort, but I don’t think this is very well thought out.

  2. James says:

    I don’t think the headline ( “open multiple beverages with only one hand” ) fits the product being profiled — the pic shows someone opening a single bottle with two hands…

    Non-twist-off metal caps (think beer bottles) are openable with only one hand, provided your bottle opener is attached to something like a cabinet. Maybe we should just go back to those.

  3. Tidmarsh says:

    That reminds me of a Canadian beer I used to buy occasionally (the name escapes me now–it’s probably been 20 years) that had twist-off caps. The bottom of each bottle had a molded indentation that fit over a bottle cap, making each bottle into a cap wrench for opening other bottles.

  4. ShipOfTheseus says:

    Tidmarsh: Ahh yes – Glacier Bay. I had more than my fair share of that stuff ‘back in the day’.

  5. guero says:

    Carta Blanca bottles in Mexico have a similar feature. After a few bottle returns, though, the openers got “stripped” & useless

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