Hand-Sewn Holiday Swap Cards

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CRAFT: Celebrate the Season
I was very excited to participate in this year’s Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap. I’ve gotten some great cards so far (I’ll post pictures of them all as soon as I get them all!), so I thought I’d share what I made and sent out. Take a look.

I used the leftover outline from a die-cut Michigan I had to trace out Michigans on some cute holiday paper. I used a small piece of tape to keep the Mitten in place as I quickly stitched through the pieces of paper all the way around.
All done!
Using some plain Elmer’s Glue, I put glue on the back on the Mitten and smoothed it out with an inexpensive foam brush. I had already cut some cardstock to the size of card I wanted and folded with a bone folder. From here I glued the Mitten on, let it dry, and got it ready for the post office!

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