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By Lyndsey Wells
Garlands are a fun and pretty way to dress up any party – and this unique take on the paper pom-pom garland is perfect way to add a little sparkle to your next soiree!


Sheets of tissue paper, in as many colors as you’d like
Hot glue gun


Tasselgarland Step1
Step 1: Lay two sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and cut 1″ strips across one edge. Stop the cut at the halfway point of the paper.
Tasselgarland Step2
Step 2: Separate the sheets and lay end-to-end with a slight bit overlapping, so the strips are at opposite ends. Fold in half the long way so you have a fat, stout tube with strips on each end.
Tasselgarland Step3
Step 3: Beginning at the top of the tube, roll paper tightly together. Leave strips free at either end – now you have a skinny, tightly-wrapped tube with fringe at each end.
Tasselgarland Step4B
Step 4: Starting in the middle of the tube, twist and bend the tube around itself with a loop in the middle. Fringed ends should come together to make a big tassel at the bottom of the loop, as in the second picture.
Tasselgarland Step5
Step 5: If the loop and twisted section is still a little loose, use a hot glue gun to secure the twisted end.
Tasselgarland Step6
Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 in other colors, as many times as needed. Collect all tassels and prepare to string up.
Tasselgarland Step7
Step 7: String all tassels up on a thin piece of rope; add letter tags to create a message, if desired. The tassel garland is perfect as decoration for a party or even to hang up in your baby’s room, like I did below. Hang and enjoy!
Tasselgarland Finishedproduct2
About the Author:
Lyndsey Wells is addicted to pretty paper and blogs about her favorite finds at The Stationery Place. She’s also a freelance public relations consultant, lover of good desserts, and a new momma of a baby boy.

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