Watch This Lego Machine Fold and Launch a Perfect Paper Airplane

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Paper Folder Lego Machine

Lego Paper Airplane Launcher
Master Lego builder Arthur Sacek‘s latest creation is an automated paper airplane factory that both folds and shoots its creations.

It’s an impressive build by any measure, that refines and builds off of airplane launchers and folders we’ve seen in the past. Electronics supplier Arrow funded the build and published the video on their YouTube channel. A follow-up video that looks behind the scenes of the build is also up on their channel.

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It’s an inspirational project, but after watching the behind the scenes video, there’s no way I would even attempt something this ambitious. Even Arthur looked a little out of his depth at times.

It did get me thinking about creating just the launcher section, though. I’m no expert in folding airplanes, but I think I can crank them out about as fast as this machine. What I need is a bionic airplane thrower.

After a brief poke around the web, I found a number of interesting paper airplane launcher projects that I think I could reasonably put together. This one using old CDs is particularly cool.

If you have a favorite paper airplane project, share it here.

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