Pet Spotlight: Diane Gilleland’s Cat Pushkin

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Pet Spotlight: Diane Gilleland’s Cat Pushkin

CRAFT: We <3 Pets
We talked with CraftyPod’s Diane Gilleland on Monday about her new book, Kanzashi in Bloom (please check out her great Weaving eBook too!). Today, we talk to her about her feline BFF, Pushkin who frequently makes appearances in her tweets.
Name of Pet: Pushkin
Pet Type: Maine Coon Cat
Favorite activity: Sleeping, playing, and watching out windows
Favorite food: Fancy Feast. He must have watched that TV commercial with the Persian cat and the Lauren Hutton voiceover.
What does your pet do when you are crafting? Pushkin likes to be in the middle of the action. He jumps on the table and sprawls out on whatever I’m working on. Then he gives me his “Isn’t this great?” look.
Best thing about your pet: Pushkin is a very brave kitty. His previous owner passed away, and when he came to us, he was pretty traumatized. But he’s slowly come out of his shell, and every day he does something new that surprises us.
If your pet could talk, what do you think he/she would say? “Please go get that feathered mouse toy and dangle it in front of me. I require entertainment.”
Can you share a pet tip you’ve learned since having your pet? If your cat doesn’t like to be groomed, try talking softly to him while you gently brush his fur. He’ll relax in time.

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