Pet Spotlight: Diane Gilleland’s Cat Pushkin

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Pet Spotlight: Diane Gilleland’s Cat Pushkin

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We talked with CraftyPod’s Diane Gilleland on Monday about her new book, Kanzashi in Bloom (please check out her great Weaving eBook too!). Today, we talk to her about her feline BFF, Pushkin who frequently makes appearances in her tweets.
Name of Pet: Pushkin
Pet Type: Maine Coon Cat
Favorite activity: Sleeping, playing, and watching out windows
Favorite food: Fancy Feast. He must have watched that TV commercial with the Persian cat and the Lauren Hutton voiceover.
What does your pet do when you are crafting? Pushkin likes to be in the middle of the action. He jumps on the table and sprawls out on whatever I’m working on. Then he gives me his “Isn’t this great?” look.
Best thing about your pet: Pushkin is a very brave kitty. His previous owner passed away, and when he came to us, he was pretty traumatized. But he’s slowly come out of his shell, and every day he does something new that surprises us.
If your pet could talk, what do you think he/she would say? “Please go get that feathered mouse toy and dangle it in front of me. I require entertainment.”
Can you share a pet tip you’ve learned since having your pet? If your cat doesn’t like to be groomed, try talking softly to him while you gently brush his fur. He’ll relax in time.

12 thoughts on “Pet Spotlight: Diane Gilleland’s Cat Pushkin

  1. me says:

    That looks just like my Turkish Angora…not so sure you’ve got a Maine Coon there.

  2. Diane Gilleland says:

    Well, this is what the vet we adopted Pushkin from identified him as. But admittedly, none of us has a ton of information about his background. The research I’ve done online on Maine Coons definitely bears a lot of similarity to his appearance and personality.

  3. Kristen says:

    Your article caught my eye because a few months ago my family adopted a kitten from a rescue shelter, and our vet told us she is a Maine Coon. I can totally see the resemblance! Ear tufts, and tufts between the toes…oh, yes! Ours is a sweetie, and so gentle and loving. And she just keeps growing! I just wanted to comment how sweet and pretty your Pushkin is!

  4. nicole h says:

    we have a full blooded female main coon in the same smoke coloring. other than ours having 6 toes on front feet they could be from same litter!
    i believe turkish angoras fall in same line of possible forbears of the maine coons…..explaining similarities.
    this is our 2nd coon- they are NOTORIOUS for having to get in tne middle of what you are doing- NOSY NOSY NOSY

  5. Diane Gilleland says:

    Thank you! Your new kitty sounds like a doll. And yes – they really DO keep growing, don’t they? I read somewhere that they keep growing until around age five.

  6. Diane Gilleland says:

    Ha! Pushkin has six toes on his front feet, too! With those big, furry tufts between them. Maybe they are from the same litter! :-)
    That’s interesting about the two breeds having common ancestors – thanks for adding that detail.

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