Pet Spotlight: Kayte Terry’s Rabbit, Potato

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Pet Spotlight: Kayte Terry’s Rabbit, Potato

CRAFT: We <3 Pets
Crafter Kayte Terry of This is Love Forever has a cuddly bunny named Potato that likes to hang out while she crafts. How can she get any work done with this cute one around?
Name of Pet: Potato
Pet Type: Dwarf Hottot Rabbit
Favorite activity: Chewing, running, eating kale, hopping, mayhem
Favorite food: Any leafy green but kale in particular. He also loves cords, shoes straps and vintage books.
What does your pet do when you are crafting? Potato likes to “help”. He picks up pieces of fabric with his teeth and tosses them around. Today I was sewing and turned around the see Potato sitting on my little tabletop ironing board, just sort of overseeing all my activity.
Best thing about your pet: He’s so surprising. He is my first rabbit and getting to know a rabbit personality is really fun. I love when he does his crazy little spastic side-jumps. They are supposed to be expressions of pure joy.
If your pet could talk, what do you think he/she would say? Potato is constantly exploring and sniffing so I think he would just be like, “ooh, what’s this? what’s this? can I eat it?” on a constant loop.
Can you share a pet tip you’ve learned since having your pet? Don’t give your rabbit too much sweet stuff. People always want to give him carrots but they should only have a tiny piece as a treat.
In crafty news, Kayte’s got a brand new book coming out later this year, Appliqué Your Way published by Chronicle Books.

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