Boxee Box teardown

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Boxee Box teardown


Our friends over at iFixit take us on a tour inside the recently released Boxee Box. This oddly shaped box manufactured by D-Link houses media player hardware that runs the popular media management software. It appears to be every bit as interesting on the inside as it does on the outside. Here are some highlights:

  • The Box’ remote is only a tad bigger, but features a Qwerty keyboard that would come oh-so-handy on the Apple TV. Otherwise, spelling out “the lonely island” takes a while on YouTube.
  • A single #1 Phillips screw and a bunch of plastic clips hold the front panel to the side of the Boxee Box.
  • An remote control antenna is printed into the interconnect board right below the Mini PCI-E socket. This is positioned near the top of the device when it is assembled to aid in remote control reception.

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