DIY 3D photo rig

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DIY 3D photo rig

Makers Local 256 member ratmandu (Justin Richards) built this 3D camera rig out of two Powershot A480s. One of the cameras is mounted upside down in order to get the two lenses closer to each other, and ratmandu’s custom code automatically flips the image back around.

So see the effect, check out the second photo above (click to biggify) or see ratmandu’s two sets of example shots:

These are all cross-eye stereo images (left image on right side, and vice-versa), to view them, you need to cross your eyes until you see two sets of images, then slowly un-cross them until the images in the center start to overlap and finally lock in place and focus on the 3D image in the center.

4 thoughts on “DIY 3D photo rig

  1. says:

    Now how would you process this into an image that works with 3D glasses?
    Also, does pressing the button on one camera make the other one take a picture?

  2. Rob Clarke says:

    I made a similar one last month (see this image and here’s a 3d photo taken with it )

    To change the two photos into a 3d Image, rotate as before and then feed them through some thing like Anaglyph Maker on .

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