DIY Ring Flash: Around the Lens Or Around The Subject?

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DIY Ring Flash: Around the Lens Or Around The Subject?

Typically a ring flash is about 4 inches across and it easily fits around the camera’s lens. Well, this is no ordinary ring flash. This DIY flash is completely scalable so it can actually fit around the object to be photographed, even a person!

The Ring Flash / Ring Light is a unique light source since it gives you a hard light but because the light comes from all around the lens the only shadow is a darkened halo around a subject, but the subject it self is uniformly lit.

Make your own Ring Flash

8 thoughts on “DIY Ring Flash: Around the Lens Or Around The Subject?

  1. whaso says:

    What exactly is the point of spending half of the light on illuminating the subjects’ back side?

  2. thomas veil says:

    The goal of this ring flash is not to be put on the neck of the subject.
    It’s just a way to show it can be really big compared to what you can see in stores.

    If you follow the links, you will understand it’s a interesting alternative to standart speedlights.

  3. Mark says:

    Not the typical use for a ringlight, but there is a point to lighting behind the subject. Do you notice the highlights on the sides of his head? Those are from the light behind him and help to define him (and his dark hair) against the dark background.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      Yep, not typical at all….that’s why I like it.

      It’s common to put a light behind the subject, human or not, to help define the edges. (just like you said) I think this light could be a nice addition to any studio set up. I am not sure how often it would be used, but it is simple to build and cheap to make.

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